My name is Erika Fernbach. This is my site. 

I’ve written six books and expect to publish another in December. 

At 60+ my belief in life is more an attitude than a complex philosophy.

To me, life is not about waiting for the storm to pass;

It’s about dancing in the rain.

I keep moving and doing what brings me joy. 

Writing and travel are my passions. 

So far 2019 has brought me to: 

Naples, New York, and Boston

I’ve been working on my new book, Living Well as a Senior Expat while

traveling to Naples and New York to be with my family. In May, I proudly attended my grandchildren’s university graduation in Boston. How time flies. I clearly remember the thrilling day Madalyn and Matthew were born. 

Kolkata, Andaman Islands, and Hong Kong

To write about Mother Teresa, I flew to Kolkata to learn more about the organization she founded. Even though this was my eighth trip to India, Kolkata exposed a dark history I was not familiar with. In the Andaman Islands, 800 miles south of Kolkata, I visited a horrific British prison where under their rule, they incarcerated independence-seeking Indians. On the way home, I stopped in Hong Kong to reacquaint myself with a city I love. 

Okinawa and Miyako Island

I was compelled to check out Okinawa, 954 miles south of Tokyo, boasting the longest living people on earth, many over 100 years old. While there, I visited Miyako Island, 1,239 miles southwest of Okinawa. Since my visit was during Tokyo’s school break, young families flocked there to enjoy the sea and its pristine sandy white beaches.   

Easter Island 

I flew to Santiago, Chile, to visit Pablo Neruda’s three homes and several famous wineries. Then, a 5½-hour flight over the Pacific took me to Easter Island, officially called Rapa Nui. Formed by volcanic eruptions between 3 million and 100,000 years ago, the first humans that arrived came from Polynesia between the 8th and 13th century. They were the creators of the moai, the famous statues I was there to see. 

Laos and Vietnam

Luang Prabrang, Laos, was the highlight of my trip. I stayed at a family lodge across from the city’s most famous Wat and a short walk to the Mekong River. My day began at 5:30 with a procession of monks carrying alms bowls and receiving rice from locals. At 6:00, I sat at a French Café, sipping a cappuccino, munching on an almond croissant, and chatting with other travelers. 7:30 found me back at my hotel for breakfast and meeting other guests. All wonderful, and the rest of the day kept getting better and better.


About this Website…

This website is for seniors; there are 46+ million in the U.S. alone. I’m not fooling myself. Age does matter. As we age, physical, mental, and financial issues creep up and unexpectedly slam us in the head. 

But age should not define us. It’s not how old we are, but how we are old – our mindset, our lifestyle, and how we handle what is thrown at us that counts. We have to be tough, smart, and fighters. 

When I wake up, I’m in full gear ready to go. At 6:30 a.m., I jump out of bed, walk ten minutes to a community pool, and swim 20 laps. In bed at night, I jot down ideas for my books and make notes about places I want to visit. My future plans include a Canadian coast-to-coast car trip and crossing Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway. 

I’d like to include you in my blog. Please submit your original stories by emailing them to me at erikafernbach@hotmail.com and I will include your anecdotes when I can. By the way, you can follow my adventures on Facebook.