My name is Erika Fernbach and I’m 60+. 

I’ve written six well-received books, am finishing a seventh, and will begin on my eighth in February. 

Research, writing, and travel keep me energized. I’m in the middle of writing Ruth Gruber’s biography. Interviewing this photojournalist in her home was delightful. Being in her huge Central Park apartment, filled with scholarly books and photos of the dignitaries she met, spoke loudly about the life she lived. What an honor to have spent time with her!

Travel genes are in my body. I have traveled to 190 countries and don’t plan to stop. My curiosity has no bounds. My travels are all about the people I meet on the road and the discoveries I make. 

Up and Coming…

You  can’t know someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. My next book will take me on a trip tracing the steps and gigantic leaps of a person  who has left an indelible mark on humanity. I begin this journey with  huge anticipation and can't wait to share it with you. 

About this Website…

This website is for seniors; there are 46 million in the U.S. alone. I’m not fooling myself. Age does matter. As we age, physical, mental, and financial issues will creep up and could unexpectedly slam us in the head. We have to be tough, smart, and fighters. 

This website will shout about the fabulous things done by individuals our age. Age should not define us. It’s not how old we are, but how we are old – our mindset, our lifestyle, and how we handle what is thrown at us. 

When I wake up, I’m in full gear ready to go. At 6:30 a.m., I jump out of bed, walk ten minutes to a community pool, and swim 20 laps. In bed at night, I often jot down ideas for books I want to write and places I want to visit. My future plans include a Canadian coast-to-coast car trip and crossing Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway. 

I’d like you to be part of my blog. Submit your original stories by emailing them to me at erikafernbach@hotmail.com and I will include your anecdotes when I can. By the way, you can follow my adventures on Facebook.