Talks & Workshops


Invite me to talk at your conference, convention, corporate seminar, or club gatherings. Each presentation format will include a serious component, humor, and an open Q&A session to air issues and concerns. My topics are often derived from researching my books. 

Navigating Life’s Challenges: 

Steering Around Life’s Hazards Successfully. What to expect at certain stages of  life and how to handle them with ease and humor.  

Five-Steps to Overcoming Toxic Stress. Learn how to control everyday  stressors and manage them.  

Piloting Travel Joyfully:  

How to Plan that Wonderful Trip. Receive travel tips from someone who was in the travel business for over twenty years.   

How Travel Creates a Positive Mindset. Feast on examples of my lifetime travel adventures. I’ve visited over 180 countries. 

Writing That Memorable Memoir:   

Steps to a Successful Memoir. Surprise! Once you begin, memories will jump into your head and writing will flow easily.

Ten-Ways to Improve Your Writing. Discussion, handouts, and homework will   be given. Be prepared to share your work. 

Contact me soon with your request. Schedule permitting, I’ll be happy to arrange a booking for your group.